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Mission Statement

The mission of the University is to revive the tertiary educational system in Somalia by providing quality education and training through creation, application and dissemination of knowledge..


UoG aims to be a centre of excellence and a seat of knowledge committed to the improvement and upgrading of the qualities of human life and civilization in Somalia and beyond

Core Values

 Service to the Society and humanity
 Morality and Ethics
 Integrity and team work
 Professionalism and integrity
 Social responsibility and community orientation


To contribute to higher education in three languages: Somali, Arabic and English
To promote equaty in higher education to students regarless of their cultural, socio-economic and gender backgrounds

To create a center for the pursuit of knowledge for training students to participate in knowledge based global economy

To foster and advance vocational trainingprograms to help create locally skilled workforce
To develop teaching programs and undertake research activities in scientific, socio-economic development, humanities and the field of social science in a broader perspective
To foster critical and creative thinking


The University of Gedo is a community of intellectuals committed to the generation and propagation of information, knowledge and the cultivation of wisdom for the for a better Somalia and globally


UoG’s philosophy is to exploit knowledge for the service of the Somali nation and the greater humanity.


News and Events

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  • UoG Conctruction
      Mushruucii Dhismaha Jaamadda Gedo oo bilowday iyo Websitekii Jaamacadda oo la daah-furay     Waxaanu ku faraxsnahay inaan dadkii dhaqaalaha ku bixiyey dhism
  • News and Events
    Jaamacada Gedo oo arday cusub iyo macalimiin qaadanaysa sanad dugsiyeedka 2011/2012 Jaamacadaha Gedo iyo Muqdisho oo heshiis is-fahan wax wada qabsi ah kala saxiixday

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